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Keeping your home safe from thieves is really making it more trouble than its worth. With burglar bars, security gates, and enclosures providing physical barriers, your home sends a strong message to would-be thieves - move along! Consult with our security experts to see how easily these features and more can be installed in your home.


Our home security hardware is the perfect way to protect your family and your belongings!

Wall it up - enclosures

Burglar bars

Keep your home and family safe!

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Burglar bars across all the windows in your home is a good first step - especially on easy-to-access windows on the first floor.


Thick and durable, our bars will protect against basic prying and cutting - remember, the goal here is to slow a thief down. They want to be in and out in 2 minutes or less.


Installation is a breeze with Luther's Custom Iron & Burglar Bars.  We'll have your home set up with burglar bars in no time!

Worried about a fire? None of our security features will prevent you from getting outside your home quickly in an emergency. Each feature has an interior release that lets you out!

Porch and patio areas offer good access to your home for thieves.


More than just a fence, these enclosures are specifically designed to be hard to climb.


We can even build A / C cages

to prevent copper theft.

The nice thing about our physical features and system is that they are always on and always visible to would-be thieves!

Security gates help you to establish a single point of access for your home. Again, this is a great way to tell thieves "one way in, one way out". That will give them the pause they need to find another target!

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